Zoltan Nagy

He got involved with the catering business back in 1998 and ever since he has been working on four continents.

In 2005 moved back to Budapest from London, where he has started to work for an event catering company, where he became owner. ABSOLUT BAR BUDAPEST.

In 2006 has established a cocktail school, the LONDON ACADEMY OF BARTENDERs.

In 2008 has opened a London inspired cocktailbar, which became an influential business since than. Won some prestigious awards, the Best cocktail bar Hungary five years in row, and was on the Word’s 50 Best Bar 2012. list too.

The last five years regularly giving lectures about hospitality and communication in the Corvinus University of Budapest, Hungary and at University of Applied Sciences, at College of Commerce Catering and Tourism, plus participated a numerous international conferences and workshops in Europe and overseas.