Simone Bodini

Simone was born and raised in Italy. Since he was a child he proved to be a very curious kid. Growing up in the Italian metropole he developed an open minded way of thinking and a cosmopolitan way of living.

After a short period in Dallas he has returned home: the most exciting city: Rome.
In the middle of sociology studies at the university he casually ended up behind a bar. He felt in love
with this new profession and attended many Bartending trainings in one of the most prestigious
institution in Italy: Planet One --‐American bartending school.
Seduced by Flair Bartending he dedicated hours and hours to practice his new passion to finally
compete worldwide in great cities such London (Road House World Finals), Las Vegas (Legends of
Bartending) and many more. He was crowned three times as an Italian champion (BMGP) and once
world champion in 2006 (BMGP).

As a bartender and trainer in the top Italian Bartending Schools (Flair Project, Rebirth of Liquid Art by
Supper Club, Mixology Academy, Bottlebunker) Simone got himself involved in the development of the
bar couture in Italy from the late nineties till now days. Introducing new trends, seeking for talent as a
Judge in competitions and sharing his passion and knowledge by teaching hundreds of young bartenders.

As a bartender he worked his way to the top by gaining his experience working in the top clubs like the
Supper Club Rome and the Phi Beach in Costa Smeralda, many top restaurants and 5--‐star luxury hotels.

Thanks to all this stimulating experiences he achieved knowledge for premium spirits and their best
usability in cocktails. Addicted to Martini love the ritual behind the preparation of the cocktail best with
elit Ultra Luxury Vodka and some great Italian green olives!

Apart from his dedication and passion for bartending his personal passion is to travel discovering
different fascinating cultures. His secret hidden talent is playing his electric guitar.

During the first year with Stoli Group he travelled 15 countries in Europe, Eastern Europe and Middle East producing around 60 Masterclasses with more than 1k of attendants, training and inspiring on our brands. Producing specific trainings for key accounts (Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife and Ibiza, Ushuaia club Ibiza…). Interacting with local press and media. Participating in festivals and special events (Paris Rum festival, Madrid Rum festival, Hellfest, UK Rum Festivals, Barometer Show ‘17, Velier live 17, FIBAR ‘17….).  With a 100% satisfied feedback from all the markets. Achieved a remarkable nomination from Tales of cocktails in the category “Best international brand ambassador 2017”. 

Visited more than 300 international key accounts, participated to the EAOM17 program organization and final in Ibiza where he was chief of the prestigious jury panel.